The Wayward Hat

This is the hand drawn film I made as my final project at VFS in the Classical Animation program. It was produced over a five month period.

The Wayward Hat from grahaeme on Vimeo.


These are a few of the backgrounds from the 25 scenes in The Wayward Hat. The layouts were all done on paper and then coloured and composited digitally with Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony.

Flash FIlm "Tok Tok Tok"

This is my first foray into flash animation. As a part of our VFS curriculum we spent 6 months making two films. The first film was a classically animated film which we spent five months making from storyboards to digital compositing. The second film was a flash piece that we made in three weeks.

Tok Tok Tok was the flash film I made during this time.